I need to cancel or move my appointment.  How do you prefer I do this?
The "Cancellations" page goes into great detail of our cancellation policy.
You must call the office to cancel or move your appointment.
(Sorry but email cancellations are not accepted)
Can you service 2 or more people at a time?
Yes we can.  Most of our facial and body treatments can be done in tandem.
Please inform us when you make the appointment.
Can I purchase Gift Certificates or pay for product online?
If you would like to pay for product or order a gift certificate there are a few options:
Email us, call us, or fill-out the secure form on our "
Gift Certificates" page.
I was given a Gift Certificate by someone but now I can't find it
Gift certificates are to be treated as cash and are not redeemable if lost or stolen.
Your gift certificate must be presented at time of appointment. 
I want to return my gift certificate
Gift Certificates cannot be returned for cash value,
only traded-in for product or service(s) up to the value of the certificate.
This applies to "Series" treatments purchases also.

Contact the spa for more details regarding "Series Guidelines"
I would like to return product purchased from you
We accept returns on defective product only.
Defective product must be returned within 7 days of purchase.
All returns must accompany the original receipt.
Do you provide massage therapy services?
Under Laura's Esthetics license she is trained to incorporate massage therapy and muscle toning techniques.
Laura is trained in Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, Acupressure,
Reflexology, Chinese Doin, Effleurage, Petrasage, and Tapotment.

Know that any sexual solicitations will not be tolerated and we will report such actions to the authorities
Can I customize or add additional services to my treatment?
Yes, ALL treatments are customizable.
Be aware that "package" prices may change depending on what treatments are added or removed.
Arrive on time or early for your appointment to enjoy the facility.

Know that any sexual solicitations will not be tolerated and we will report such actions to authorities.

Know that you may be silent or quietly talkative during your treatment.

Respect that the room must be prepared and used for the next client; so know that you must vacate the treatment room upon completion of service within a reasonable amount of time.

Do not bring children and leave them unattended, this is very disruptive to other spa goers and unsafe for children.

Share public space respectfully with other spa customers.  When in common areas, such as the waiting room, please keep your voices down in consideration of fellow Wellness Spa customers trying to relax.

Give the therapist feedback as to your comfort and special troubled areas.

Your therapist will keep your body draped during "dry services" and will only expose the area to be worked upon.
(If your treatment requires the use of a gown provided by Laura's Wellness Spa, swimsuits or underwear are required to be worn)

Know that you are in a professional spa therapy operation and
do not expect anything other than therapeutic or spa service's.

Allow the therapist to perform your service as reserved and timed.

Relax…that's why you are in the spa in the first place.

Give honest feedback to the therapist if you are unhappy with your treatment so she has a chance to correct things.  If no feedback is given during your treatment we assume everything went well.



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