Because Laura's Wellness Spa is by appointment only, your appointment is time reserved exclusively for you.
Due to this please review our cancellation policy below.

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, we require a minimum of 24-hours notice.
If you need to cancel your appointment please call the spa at: (909) 798-3992.
If we don't answer leave your information on our answering service.

Sorry but email and cellular text appointment cancellations are not accepted.

Our policy is as follows:

More than 24 hours notice given Appointment will be cancelled at no-charge
Less than 24 hours notice given 50% of the total service price will be charged
Failure to show without notice or same day cancellations 100% of the total service price will be charged

Please understand that arriving late may limit the time available for your treatment, lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure.  Your timely arrival is appreciated.


Gift Certificates cannot be returned for cash value, only traded-in for product or service(s) up to the value of the certificate.
This applies to "Series" treatments purchases also.



As a spa guest you are expected to:

Arrive on time or early for your appointment to enjoy the facility.
We strongly suggest you prepare directions to the spa prior to leaving for your appointment.

Know that you may be silent or quietly talkative during your treatment.

Please understand that the room must be prepared and used for the next client; so know that you must vacate the treatment room upon completion of service within a reasonable amount of time.

Please do not bring children & leave them unattended, this is disruptive to other spa goers & unsafe for children.

Share public space respectfully with other spa customers.  When in common areas, such as the waiting room, please keep your voices down in consideration of fellow Wellness Spa customers trying to relax.

Give the therapist feedback as to your comfort and special troubled areas.

Your therapist will keep your body draped during "dry services" and will only expose the area to be worked upon, however in "wet services" such as body scrubs you may not be covered in order to reap maximum benefits.
(Swimsuits or underwear are required)

Know that you are in a professional spa therapy operation and do not expect anything other than therapeutic or spa service's.

Allow the therapist to perform a service as reserved and timed.

Relax…that's why you are in the spa in the first place.

Know that any sexual solicitations will not be tolerated and we will report such actions to authorities.

Give honest feedback to the therapist if you are unhappy with your treatment so she has a chance to correct things.
If no feedback is given during your treatment we assume everything went well.


Gratuities are graciously accepted.
Gratuities are not included in gift certificate prices unless otherwise indicated.


While we do not accept personal checks without prior approval, under California's Bad Check Law,
a person who has written a check to another person or business can be required to pay the amount of the check and either:

1) A statutory service charge
- or -
A statutory penalty if the check is returned by the bank due to insufficient funds.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

Insufficient Funds Service Charge
The person or business that receives a check that has been returned for insufficient funds can require the drawer to pay the face amount of the check and a service charge of up to $25 for the first check and up to $35 for each subsequent check.


Laura's Wellness Spa is a pollution free zone, therefore smoking is discouraged anywhere on the grounds.

Please understand that Laura's Wellness Spa is meant to serve as a place to relax and lose yourself.
Hence, the use of mobile phones or pagers in the facility is highly discouraged.

Your therapist may terminate the service, without refund, for any use of inappropriate language or actions.




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